OneTouch Verio Flex<sup>®</sup> meter
OneTouch Verio Flex<sup>®</sup> meter
OneTouch Verio Flex<sup>®</sup> meter
OneTouch Verio Flex<sup>®</sup> meter
OneTouch Verio Flex<sup>®</sup> meter
OneTouch Verio Flex<sup>®</sup> meter

OneTouch Verio Flex® meter

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Blood Glucose Meter

ColourSureTM technology instantly shows when your blood sugar numbers are in or out of range.

OneTouch Verio Flex<sup>®</sup> meter

Compact, slim design so it's easy to take with you.

Blood Glucose Meter

Uses OneTouch Verio® test strips — 9 years of proven accuracy at very low and very high blood glucose levels.


Before using the OneTouch Verio Flex® meter to test your blood glucose, carefully read the Owner’s Booklet and inserts that come with the components of the system.
  • How do I turn on the OneTouch Verio Flex® meter?
  • How many results will the OneTouch Verio Flex® meter store and where can I find my result after it is displayed on-screen?
  • What batteries does the OneTouch Verio Flex® meter use?
  • ColourSureTM technology — What are the low and high range limits and what do they mean?
  • ColourSureTM technology — How can I change the low and high range limits?
  • How can I use Bluetooth® on my meter?

Press and hold ‘OK’ until the start-up test screen appears. Once the device is on, release ‘OK’. You can also turn the meter on by inserting a OneTouch Verio® test strip into the test strip port.

If you see any missing segments within the start-up screen, there may be a problem with the meter. Contact Customer Service

Your meter stores your most recent 500 blood glucose and control solution test results and displays them in the order the tests were taken. They can be viewed in History Mode by pressing and holding the ‘OK’ button when the meter is off. You can then scroll through the results by pressing ∧ or ∨.

Your OneTouch Verio Flex® meter uses one CR2032 lithium coin cell battery.

Your meter uses low and high range limits to tell you when your result is below, above or within the limits that you set in the meter.* The meter comes with pre-set range limits that can be changed as recommended by your healthcare team. The pre-set low range limit is 70 mg/dL and the pre-set high range limit is 180 mg/dL.

*The low and high range limits you set apply to all glucose test results. This includes tests taken before or after mealtimes, medications and any other activities that may affect your blood glucose.

With the meter on, press and hold ∧ and ∨ at the same time. The SET screen will appear with the current low range limit displayed, and the number and Range Indicator arrow will flash. The low and high range limits can be adjusted but be sure to talk to your healthcare professional about the range limits that are right for you.

If you change your range limits, this will only affect whether future test results are displayed as below, above or within your range limits. Changing your range limits does not affect how past results are displayed.

To turn Bluetooth® on, start by turning your meter on using the 'OK' button, then press 'OK' and ∧ at the same time. After you open the OneTouch Reveal® mobile app on your mobile device, follow the on-screen instructions and enter the PIN shown on your meter screen when prompted. For further details, please refer to the Owner's Booklet.

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OneTouch Verio Flex® meter (CR2032 lithium coin cell battery included)

OneTouch® Delica® Plus lancing device

10 Sterile Lancets

10 test strips

Owner’s Booklet

Quick Start Guide

Carrying case






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