OneTouch® Delica® Plus lancing device

Make every test virtually pain free.

Reduced lancet vibration for smooth and precise testing.


13 depth settings for better control.^


(30G) lancets with silicone-coating for smooth gliding into skin.


Use a new OneTouch® Delica® Plus sterile lancet with each test to make lancing virtually pain free.


8 out of 10 people with diabetes agreed that testing with the OneTouch® Delica® Plus lancing device was less painful compared to other lancers they have used.†

Delica and Delica Plus Compatibility

OneTouch® Delica® Plus lancing device is virtually pain free*. Also works with OneTouch® Delica® lancets.

*Based on a 2018 study conducted in the US on 103 patients with diabetes using the OneTouch® Delica® Plus lancing device.


  • Can I use OneTouch UltraSoft® lancets or other lancets with the OneTouch® Delica® Plus lancing device?
  • Can I still use my OneTouch® Delica® lancing device? Will lancets still be available for it?
  • I have some unused OneTouch® Delica® lancets. What should I do with them?
  • Can I use a lancet more than once?
  • How does the OneTouch® Delica® Plus lancing device compare with the OneTouch® Delica® lancing device?
  • OneTouch® Delica® Plus lancing device packaging refers to “13 depth settings for personal comfort.” What does this mean?
  • How do you use the OneTouch® Delica® Plus lancing device?
  • How do I dispose of a used lancet?
  • How do I store the lancing device?
  • How can I reduce the chance of infection?

No, the OneTouch® Delica® Plus lancing device only uses OneTouch® Delica® Plus and OneTouch® Delica® lancets.

Yes, you can still use your OneTouch® Delica® lancing device.


The OneTouch® Delica® lancets will be phased out for new OneTouch® Delica® Plus lancets. These new lancets will be compatible with both the OneTouch® Delica® and OneTouch® Delica® Plus lancing devices.

As long as they are not expired, you can still use them with your OneTouch® Delica® or OneTouch® Delica® Plus lancing device.

To avoid infection, do not use lancets after the expiration date printed on the lancet packaging.

To help reduce the chance of infection, use a new sterile lancet every time you test.

Lancet reuse can dull or bend the tip of the lancet, causing damage to your skin, scarring and greater pain. Never use a lancet or lancing device that has been used by someone else. Always dispose of the used lancet in a container for sharp/biohazard objects.

The OneTouch® Delica® Plus lancing device has over 50% less vibration in comparison with the OneTouch® Delica® lancing device. This makes for smoother, more precise testing.*

Testing with the OneTouch® Delica® Plus lancing device is also less painful compared to testing with the OneTouch® Delica® lancing device.†

13 depth settings allow you to personalize testing for your comfort.

*Approximately 52% better vibration control compared to the OneTouch® Delica® system.

†Based on a 2018 study conducted in the US on 103 patients with diabetes using the OneTouch® Delica® Plus lancing device.

The device has 13 puncture depth settings. Each dot shown between numbers 1 to 7 on the depth wheel indicates an additional available depth setting. Adjust the depth by turning the depth wheel. Smaller numbers are for a shallower puncture and larger numbers for a deeper puncture.

Try a shallower setting first and increase the depth until you find the one deep enough to get a blood sample of the proper size (see your meter instructions).

The setting you choose must be deep enough to get a round drop of blood large enough to get an accurate result with your meter (see your User Guide that came with your system for information on the proper blood sample size).

Prepare the lancing device by following these steps:

  • Remove the lancing device cap
  • Insert a sterile lancet into the lancing device and remove its protective cover
  • Replace the lancing device cap
  • Adjust the depth setting
  • Cock the lancing device by sliding the button back until it clicks

After preparing the lancing device, you can now test following these steps:

  • Hold the lancing device firmly against the side of your finger
  • Press the release button to puncture
  • Apply the blood sample following the instructions in your Meter or System Guide for proper sample application
  • Remove the lancing device cap
  • Cover the exposed lancet tip with protective cover
  • Eject the lancet
  • Replace the lancing device cap

For more details, refer to the full instructions provided in the retail kit.

Discard the used lancet carefully after each use to avoid unintended lancet stick injuries. Used lancets may be considered biohazardous waste in your area.

Be sure to follow your health care professional’s recommendations or local regulations for proper disposal.

There are no special storage conditions. Store with the carrying case that came with your system.

Caution: Keep the lancing device away from young children. The lancing device, cap, lancets and lancet protective covers are choking hazards.

  • Make sure to wash the puncture site with soap and water before sampling.
  • Never share a lancet or lancing device with anyone. For single patient use only.
  • Always use a new, sterile lancet. Lancets are for single use only. Do not reuse.
  • Keep your lancing device clean. Do not use lancets after the expiration date printed on the lancet packaging.

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^Compared to the OneTouch® Delica® lancing system.

†Based on a 2018 US survey where participants experienced the OneTouch® Delica® and OneTouch® Delica® Plus and also provided feedback on how these compared to their current lancing systems.